Review: Tim Ho Wan Philippines

Tim Ho Wan has been in the Philippines for over a year now so I guess most of the people out there might have had the chance to eat here already. But being the ultimate over sharer that I am, I decided to still write a post about this. 😛

Tim Ho Wan is a Michelin hole-in-the-wall eatery that started in Hong Kong. Now in the Philippines, epicureans can finally savor the famous Pork Buns. -Tim Ho Wan PH 

What really made me and Mike eat here was because it was included in the Michelin Guide and you don’t get that often here in Manila. Our curiosity took the better of us and made us try it out ourselves. We were forewarned about the long lines in this place so we decided to go there early as soon as they opened. (I think this is the only perk of being on night shift.)

Ambience: Mike tells me that a typical Chinese restaurant has the same feel. The kind where the table next to you can hear what you say. LOL. We don’t have that much here in Manila, so this was definitely a new experience for me. It was so cute what they have to cover their lighting.


Service: To order here, you have to choose what you want and write in the order sheet they provide how many you want. If its your first time, the servers would gladly assist you but for the second, and third or more, timers they pretty much know what to do and just call the servers to take their order sheets to the kitchen.

Food/Drinks: Be warned. They mostly only serve dimsums. They do offer rice bowls to satisfy the hungrier people but their best sellers would have to be the famed pork buns and dimsum. They have a very simple and straight forward menu that could fit in a single page!


We ordered Pork Buns (P145), Prawn Dumpling (P160), Pork Dumpling with Shrimp (P150) and the Chicken, Saugsage & Mushroom Rice Bowl (P170).


The prawn dumplings were unreal. It had real prawns! And  it was so stuffed. I honestly don’t know how to eat dumplings in public. I’m torn between eating it whole or biting it. I tried to eat it both ways. I prefer taking small bites which made me appreciate the flavor more. However shoving it into my mouth as a whole was also so good, it was a dumpling party in my mouth. 😛 I unfortunately didn’t take a picture of the pork dumpling with prawn because it got served a little later and I was already enjoying the pork buns! Sorry about that! 😛


I was pretty stuffed by the time the chicken, sausage and mushroom rice bowl got served. Mike had to eat two-thirds to eat. It is very important to say that even if I was already full, I still wanted to eat more than a third. It was that good. What I liked most about the rice bowl was that the rice was full of sauce.It was like the rice was cooked with all its toppings making the juices of all the other ingredients cook with it. You could just imagine the rice’s flavor even without the toppings.

For your viewing pleasure, and because I really wanted to show you what was inside the pork buns, I bit into it and took a photo, haha! Talk about dedication for this review!! 🙂


The pork buns have to be my ultimate favorite. They served it hot and every time I took a bite the bread was slowly melting away and the sauce dripped all over my face. It was so good.

Value: To be honest, a little over priced for dimsums, pork buns and rice bowls BUT it was so good it was so worth it. The experience itself was something else, I haven’t been to China or Hong Kong but eating here has made me curious if that is how service is in those countries.

Overall Rating: The food was great. I highly recommend people try and eat here and enjoy their food. I love dimsums. I loved their pork buns. I wanted to order more….

IMG_1420 (5)



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