Review: Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

I love Ramen!

Ever since Mike introduced me to everything Japanese I began to appreciate their cuisine more. What I love most about their food is, obviously, ramen. Now, I know most restaurants claim they serve authentic Japanese ramen but I can’t really say because I haven’t been to Japan to taste the real thing. Hopefully, soon!! However, you can’t go wrong with Ramen Santouka!!! Just one taste and you’ll think you are transported to Japan.

Ambience: We got the chance to try Ramen Santouka over at their branch at Eastwood City. The look and feel of their their place was very cozy and inviting. It was perfect for a setting for a bowl of ramen..and more.

santouka menu

Service: The service crew during our visit was very accommodating and helpful. Every whim we had was catered immediately. The crew also helped us decide what was their bestseller and answered all of our questions about their food.

Food/Drinks: My favorite part!!! The ramen here is my favorite among all of the ramen places I have eaten in the Metro. Just one slurp/bite from your food and you know you get your money’s worth.

Please don’t judge me. Mike and I were hungry and decided to get a set meal each, lol. I got the Set E – Small Ramen (Shio) and Fried Salmon and Prawn and Small Rice Bowl Set priced at 520 php while Mike got the Set D – Small Ramen (Kare-Miso) and Fried Salmon and Small Rice Bowl Set priced at 490php and an Iced tea shake for 90php. I know it’s a little pricey but its totally worth it.

The noodles are just perfect and taste very fresh (like they were just made) and the broth, for both the Shio and Kare-Miso, just took me to heaven and back. 😛 Everything in your bowl compliments each other perfectly and its so full of flavor you’re mouth will water with every spoon.

The fried salmon and prawn were perfect too. There wasn’t anything special about it but it was very tasty and the serving size was very generous. Also it was so crispy and well-seasoned which a lot of Japanese restaurants in the metro don’t do. The set meals come with tsukemona, salad, dessert and tea!

Value: As you can imagine, our bill for a single meal reached over a thousand pesos! It’s too much (to be honest) but it is totally worth it. Your ramen cravings will be satisfied and you’ll definitely forget all of the Japanese restaurants you’ve ever eaten before.

santouka setmeals

Overall Rating: Totally worth it. By far the best ramen place I have ever eaten at. 5/5 all the way!

– – – – –

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
TriNoma, MOA, Greenhills, Glorietta, Eastwood, Makati
G4 7281381 / MOA 8043224 / Greenhills 7819704

Have you eaten at this place? Tell me what you think!


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